Things to know if you’re a pet mum!

So you are a new pet owner of a bouncy pup? Then one of the most important things for you to accomplish is to properly teach your dog to be obedient, including being a well-mannered dog.

A dog’s behaviour is often determined by his or her training. Its kindness for children and the elderly, as well as its behaviour towards strangers, can be regulated with appropriate training. If you can’t train your dog properly, it won’t be able to get along as well with others, even family members. So, every dog needs a well-planned and executed training regimen.

Are you a first-time pet owner? Then you should master these fundamental dog training ideas.

First, recognise that your pup is a child, not an adult. As a result, you must be patient when educating him. He might not pick up on the first step right away.

The puppy does not yet understand the term NO. So, instead of telling him to stop doing something, show him what you want and provide a treat when he successfully does it. This way, he’ll know what he’s permitted to do and what he’s not.

Along with patience and persistence, training treats are an excellent tool to teach them how to obey. They are willing to put in extra effort to obtain that one piece of food. These rewards need to be small enough for them to quickly nibble on while they are training.

Instead of criticising him when he cannot accomplish anything right, offering him a prize will let him understand that he/she is on the correct track. You must be fast to give goodies or praise. If it is too late to come, he will not comprehend why the treatment is being given and will get confused.

Also, make training fun – be cheerful! And know that a bored pet can have behavioural problems because they lack the stimulation they need. So, provide him with adequate mental stimulation as well as physical activity regularly.

Your dog can convey his emotions to you through body language and other cues. Study those signals so you can comprehend what your pet is saying to you as you are teaching him. Unsure what his behaviour means? Read up on it via the internet and ask your vet.

As a pet parent, you carry the responsibility to buy pet insurance. Dog insurance helps cover accidents like being hit by a car or falling from a height as well as ailments including accidental ingestion of a foreign object, digestive problems, allergies, cancer, and infections. You can also add wellness benefits at an extra cost, to cover treatments such as desexing, vaccinations and more!

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