Tax Attorney – Reasons to Hire Them And Things To Consider Before Hiring 

Tax attorneys are tax experts. Tax attorneys help people plan their finances to minimize their tax obligations, comply with tax laws, and handle legal issues involving the government or other tax authorities. Some focus on topics like commercial, international, or estate taxation.

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When to Hire Tax Attorney

  • A tax attorney can help you plan your estate, manage the work required to reduce estate taxes, transfer assets to family members, set up trusts, and use other strategies.
  • A tax attorney can also help you come up with tax-wise strategies for starting, purchasing, selling, or expanding a firm.
  • A tax attorney will help if you have a tax problem, want to file a lawsuit against the IRS, the state, or a local tax authority, or want to request a hearing before the U.S. Tax Court.
  • A tax attorney can also help you if you want to negotiate a settlement with the IRS or another taxing authority or fight a tax assessment.

What to Look for in a Tax Attorney

  • A law license is important. By going to the website of your state’s bar organization, you can find out what an attorney’s law license looks like.
  • The IRS requires tax attorneys, Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), or anyone else who is paid to prepare federal tax returns to have a PTIN.
  • If you’re looking for a certified tax professional, keep in mind to look for an educational degree, in-depth knowledge of taxes, and a CPA license.
  • Review past and present customer reviews of tax attorneys to help you determine the type and caliber of their services.

Hiring a tax attorney solves a lot of problems and gives peace of mind. Hire a reputable tax attorney to get maximum benefits.

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