Financial Plan For Millennials: Challenges Of New Generation

History has been a witness; every generation has surpassed the other in most of the domains. Be it the banking sector, industrialisation, market trends, etc.; there has been a tremendous shift in demand and perception. With the advent of technology and the advancement of digitalisation, every industry has had a one-eighty-degree turnaround. However, among all the evolution and improvisations, one constant and unchanged aspect is the quest for achieving financial well-being and Goal planning. Fortunately, millennials, who thrive in today’s fast-paced world, have access to several virtual platforms, options, and financial plans to embrace financial independence.

Yet it begs the question, how shall one fulfil their wishes in this thriving economy? Millennials are stuck among several financial challenges, such as loans, monthly expenses, etc. Consequently, the long-standing generalised financial plans are no longer credible or reward-oriented for millennials. It requisites new measures and methodology to craft a financial plan that suits the individual’s needs as per their financial situation and unique goals.

The Solutions

While there are numerous downsides in the progressing economy, there have also been silver linings in the form of platforms and institutions that tackles such instances. As a result, several millennials incline toward the advice of a certified financial planner, who formulates a financial plan by weighing the goals and opportunities of an individual. A few pointers bridge the distance between the millennials and their financial objectives.

  1. Financial Knowledge

You can avail of the best investment planning strategies from a financial advisor; however, comprehending your financial plan or some financial knowledge is imperative. Several aspects come under the umbrella of personal finance, such as budgeting, investments, saving, etc.  Knowing the ABCs of these concepts can help you pace forward in your financial journey by yourself and greet the finishing line sooner than projected. One such way is to acquaint oneself with technological advancements and analyse the trending options for financial independence.

  1. Look Further Than Investments

Most millennials live under the impression that funnelling all their finances into investments is the fastest and the only route toward financial wellness. However, upon availing the services of a certified financial advisor, they discern the alternative segments that are promising. Insurance planning is one such domain that is undervalued until individuals are faced with the hours of crisis. Having a broadened vision toward other elements helps you to alter your perception toward investing, as investments are just one aspect of financial planning.

  1. Fintech & Financial Advisory Institutions

Choosing a reliable financial advisory institution can supplement your strives for customised financial planning. These institutions focus on your asset management and liability planning, thereby covering all your tracks. The certified financial planners associated with these institutions are updated with the potential and promising segments that would accelerate your journey toward financial independence.


While being a millennial in these times can be challenging, seeking advisory services through financial advisory institutions, such as 1 Finance, is the wisest option. Their advanced approach toward creating a hyper-personal financial plan for every individual sets them apart from other platforms. A prime example can be their patented assessment tool called MoneySignTM which helps an individual to explore their financial personality and habits, which serves as the first step toward financial literacy and self-dependency.

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