7 companies with the highest share price in India

India has made a mark in the world of stock market and is now the sixth largest stock market in the world. The number of retail investors has been increasing considerably in the country and if you too want to participate in the market, now may be a good time. Before getting into the specifics such as looking at stocks with the highest price, let’s see the 11 major sectors in the stock market in India.

  1. Industrials
  2. Utilities
  3. Healthcare
  4. Financials
  5. Real estate
  6. Consumer durables
  7. Communication
  8. Energy
  9. Materials
  10. Consumer discretionary
  11. Information technology

Which company has highest share price in India?

As on 11th November 2021, the following are the seven companies with some of the highest share prices in Indian stock market India:

  1. The Madras Rubber Factory (MRF) is India’s largest tire maker. It also sells conveyor belts, tubes, flaps, and other rubber automotive items besides tires. MRF is currently the most valuable company in India, with the highest share price. MRF’s stock price is currently around Rs. 77,244, which is more than the price of any other companies’ stock in the country.
  2. Honeywell Automation India Ltd. manufactures electronic system equipment, components, trades machinery, supplies, and performs product repair and maintenance. It has a high market reputation and a large market capitalisation, making it a popular investment option for investors. Its stock price currently stands at nearly Rs. 45,122.30.
  3. Page Industries is affiliated with Jockey, a renowned manufacturer of inner wear and undergarments in the world. This elite company has grown at a remarkable rate in recent years, and it is now ranked as India’s third-highest stock price company. Page Industries’ stock price is around Rs. 40,125.60.
  4. Shree Cement is India’s largest cement manufacturer. It is a well-known cement brand with years of experience. The stock price of Shree Cement has increased significantly in recent years. The price of a Shree Cement share is currently at Rs. 29,066.95.
  5. 3M India is a multi-product company that works in healthcare, sanitation, and dental cement, among other things. Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Corporation is the former name of this company. The stock price of 3M India is almost Rs. 26,999.20.
  6. Bosch is a renowned engineering and electronics business established in Germany. Bosch’s stock price has risen in recent years as the company’s popularity has grown. It has a stock value of around Rs. 18,279.00. It is also projected to have a higher stock price in the near future.
  7. Mr Pestonji Polson founded Polson in the year 1900, and it is a well-known company. It deals with a wide range of products, including pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and chemicals, among others. Polson’s stock is currently trading at Rs. 13,251.

The bottom line

People are continuously looking for new methods to increase their income as their needs expand. In such a situation, the stock market is always at the top of the agenda, as it has the potential to significantly grow your money over the long term.

Investing in a company with a high share price in the market is usually a good idea because this company may provide a higher return. However, it’s essential to note that the stock market is dynamic and volatile, hence, the stock price is flexible and subject to change at any time.

Hence, analysing a company before stock market investment in it is always a prudent decision. You can also consult a financial expert to help figure out which stocks you should include in your portfolio.

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