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  • July 3, 2018
  • Chinook Salmon Fishing Guide For A Great Catch

    Everybody loves fishing and even in this time where you can easily buy all kind of fish in the market or in the grocery store, nothing still beats the experience of casting your net or throwing your rod every once in a while. Fishing in not only a rewarding experience but it can also teach us some valuable lessons like patience, perseverance and independence. Fishing also enhances one’s motor planning in so many ways as well as develop coordination and love for nature. Psychologists even suggest families to take their kids to a fishing escapade every once in a while because it also teaches kids many lessons and sparks many interests to their young minds. Even though we can easily buy our various type of fish in the grocery store or in the market, many people still go fishing because it really provides a memorable experience for everyone.

    For rivers, the common species of fish that you are most likely to catch is salmon. Among all the other types of salmon, the Chinook salmon is the most popular one and is considered the best catch for many. The Chinook salmon is often found in Astoria, Portland and Columbia River so if you wish to catch a salmon or two, find a great location within these areas and throw out your fishing rod. Yet if you go on a salmon fishing trip, you can never expect to always go home with a great catch and if you get little to no fish, it can be frustrating. So in this article, we will provide you with a quick guide in catching salmon.

    If you want to catch a lot of salmon fish, you have to pay attention to the equipments that you are using because if you are aiming to catch several salmon fish, you will need the right equipments in order for you to do so. For instance, a downrigger or a good planner board is essential in catching several salmon as you may have difficulties if you use the other alternatives available for you. But for two to three catches, the fly fishing method will work just fine. If you also want to stay relax without the pressure of having a catch, you can opt for trolling as well as float fishing along the lake.

    The weather is also another important thing to consider if you want to have a great catch because salmons don’t always show up on sunny days. Thus, it is ideal for you to go salmon fishing in gloomy weather when the skies are grey. But if the weather forecast tells that you should expect a sunny day ahead, you can still go salmon fishing at early dawn or late night and at dusk when the weather is not too bright.

    If you wish to know more about salmon fishing and the many great locations for you to sail your boat and cast your net, click here for the best salmon fishing guide.

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